Welcome to the web site of the Student Parliament of the International Burch University.

Dear visitors, I wish you a very welcome to the web site of the Student parliament of International Burch University. My name is Haris Delic and it is a great pleasure for me to introduce you the SP in a couple words. The SP was established in the year 2011 as a head organization of students in order to represent, promote, protect and enforce the rights and interests of students, and to contribute to improving academic and social relations, and other stakeholders to develop the activities of students at the International Burch University. The Parliament is composed of nine members, representatives of faculty units, and with cooperation among each other Student Parliament wants to eliminate fears and satisfy needs - student hopes, to be a real service to students in solving problems and implementing projects that honest work and collective effort resulting in student happiness and pleasure. In the end, we hope that the student parliament will meet the needs of students and will be of service to students and the entire University.