“Meet the Candidates” event to be held on November 13 in the Motif Room

The Founding of the Student Parliament Initiated

  On Saturday, October 28th, 2017, the Founding Assembly of the Student Parliament of International Burch University was held.

The Founding Assembly is the first step towards registering the Student Parliament as a non-governmental association, i.e. an association of citizens, and the registration thereof in the Registry of Associations of Citizens and the Registry of Associations of Students. This is establishing the legal framework for student activism and work at International Burch University.

Representatives of all faculties at the University attended, namely: Enisa Bajić, Isa Dukmenić, Aldijana Hadžić, Mersiha Jaskić, Amer Kurtović, Jasmin Novalić i Jasna Nuhić.

Amer Kurtović, a third year student of the Department of International Relations and European Studies, was elected president of the Founding Assembly and acting president of the Student Parliament.

Those present adopted a Statute for the Student Parliament, formed the Electoral Commission, and called for elections on Tuesday, November 14th and Wednesday, November 15th.

“I welcome the initiative and active engagement of us, students, to legally found the Student Parliament, but highlight that this is the first of many steps and that there’s a lot more work to do, as well as that the Student Parliament will always have work to do: our job is to advocate for and represent student interests and there will be student interests as long as there are students,” Kurtović, the newly elected president of the Founding Assembly and acting president of the Student parliament, said.

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