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January 14, 2018
Eight Burch Students in BHRT’s Show “Parlaonica”
January 19, 2018

Volunteer Officials Appointed, Volunteering Contracts Formally Signed

In accordance with the Statute of the Student Parliament and other relevant regulations, the Secretary officially appointed student officials in the Student Parliament Secretariat on Monday, January 15, 2018.

The secretary, representing the Student Parliament, officially signed volunteering contracts with the eleven student volunteers and held working meetings to acquaint them with their future responsibilities and workload.

The Secretariat, through its various offices, is responsible for administrative and technical works that facilitate the work of the Student Parliament and currently has 11 volunteer officials.

The students who were appointed volunteer officials in the Secretariat are outstanding students who are professionals in their respective fields.

“I have full confidence in our colleagues’ abilities and their dedication to get any job that we need done,” Mersiha Jaskić, the secretary, said and added that she looks forward to working with them.

Amila Dautbašić, Azra Dubravić, Emina Dželić, David Jeremić, and Melika Muhanović will work in the Office for Administration, Anida Čamdžić, Ajla Keško, Naida Osmić, and Hamdija Radončić will work in the Office for Communications and Public Relations and Lejla Mujanović and Amir Pečenković will work in the Office for Protocol and Ceremonial.

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