Reminder Regarding the Make-up Exam Period in February
Students Chose Destinations for the “Tour de Bosna” Project

“Tour de Bosna” – student trips to major parts of B&H

The Student Parliament of International Burch University is organizing a project called “Tour de Bosna”, the first action of which is polling the student body.

The project includes student trips to various parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina that are important or otherwise major for any one of several reasons (i.e. historic significance, natural beauty, etc.). They will be organized in order to acquaint students with other areas of our country and provide an opportunity for students to socialize with each other at a minimal cost.

Due to lack of concrete information regarding student preferences, we have not yet prepared a plan and program or a possible offer including prices for any of the potential destinations; however, once enough information has been collected, we will publish plans and programs as soon as possible and open registration.

We intend to organize one student visit each month, depending on how interested students are.

Therefore, we kindly request all students and others interested parties to fill out this survey, which you can also find below:


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