“Tour de Bosna” – student trips to major parts of B&H
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Students Chose Destinations for the “Tour de Bosna” Project

Over the past weekend, students of International Burch University had the opportunity to select their favorite destination(s) in Bosnia and Herzegovina to visit as a part of the Student Parliament’s new “Tour de Bosna” project.

During the three day poll, 147 students voiced their opinions, of which the following four had the most votes:

  • Mostar, Hutovo blato, Stolac, and Neum with 94 votes (64.4%)
  • Bihać and the Krajina region with 74 votes (50.7%)
  • Banja Luka and Prijedor with 61 votes (41.6%)
  • Trebinje and East Herzegovina or Tuzla and Lake Modrac with 50 votes each (34.2%)

The votes for other destinations can be found in the image above.

The “Tour de Bosna” project is organized with the intent to acquaint students, both domestic and foreign, with Bosnia and Herzegovina and its significant places, such as historical sites and natural parks.

“Our country is a very beautiful one with many different parts that are significant for many various reasons; however, not all of us have visited the rest of our country. Therefore, it is imperative for us to enable students to see the other 51,197 square kilometers of B&H for as low a price as possible,” commented Amer Kurtović, the president of the Student Parliament.

He also noted that preparatory activities for organizing the student trips are already underway and should be finalized in the coming week. The first trip is planned for the end of March, but the exact dates are not yet known.

A different trip will be organized each month for minimal expenses and maximum enjoyment.

Registration for the first student trip in March will be opened soon, when the individual ticket prices will be known. All are welcome, regardless of other factors.

Stay tuned for more information soon!

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