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Student Parliament Officially Moved into New Office

Student Parliament an Official Partner in the 2018 Student Sympsium

On February 21, 2018, the management of the Student Parliament of International Burch University and the organizers of the 2018 Student Symposium agreed to cooperate in organizing and executing the 2018 Student Symposium, the topic of which is “Interdisciplinary Topics in Arts and Humanities, Engineering, Economics and Social Sciences”.

After a fruitful meeting, at which the Student Parliament was represented by Amer Kurtović, Jasna Nuhić and Hata Kujraković and the 2018 Student Symposium by prof. dr. Senad Bećirović, prof. dr. Amna Brdarević-Čeljo and prof. dr. Vildana Dubravac, the parties reached an agreement to continue organizing the project with the aim of including as many students from as many disciplines and from as many universities as possible.

The Symposium is planned to be a one-day event to be held on Monday, April 23 at International Burch University at which students present their papers’ and works’ abstracts to a committee of professors and their colleagues.

“I have full faith in the students of both this University and other universities throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina and do not doubt that they will make this project a great success, because what makes or breaks such a project is not the organizers but rather the participants,” Amer Kurtović, the president of the Student Parliament, commented and expressed his and his colleagues’ satisfaction with the cooperation.

The Symposium is still in the planning stages, but all information will be known by Monday, February 26.

“We regret that we joined the organization of the 2018 Student Symposium so late, but I am sure our hard work and dedication will more than make up for that,” Kurtović concluded.

The Student Parliament will name three students, one from each faculty at International Burch University, to the organizational board of the 2018 Student Symposium, who will contribute to the success of this project and work with professor organizers.

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