New Rules of Study for the First Cycle Adopted by the Senate
IBU Staff & Student Blood Drive Successfully Completed

Elections for Assembly Members Called for April 25 and 26

The second official elections for the Student Parliament Assembly will be held on Wednesday, April 25 and Thursday, April 26, in accordance with the relevant regulations.

The President of the Student Parliament Amer Kurtović signed a Decision on Calling Elections for Members of the Assembly of the Student Parliament on Monday, March 5 in accordance with his legal and statutory responsibilities.

The Electoral Commission, which was appointed on Wednesday, February 28 by the Student Parliament Assembly, is the responsible organ for organizing and executing the elections.

At the elections, all active students of International Burch University will have the right to vote for one candidate of their choice among various candidates to represent their faculty in the Student Parliament Assembly. Those candidates with the most votes will win and have the opportunity to represent their colleagues.

The numerical composition of the Assembly shall remain unchanged the Faculty for Humanities and Education will have one representative in the Assembly, the Faculty for Economics and Social Sciences two and the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences three.

The Electoral Commission shall more closely regulate matters not already regulated by the Decision on the Electoral Procedure of the Student Parliament (no. 03-17/137) or other acts of the Assembly in a timely fashion, about which the student body will be informed of in a timely manner.

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