Student Forums to Solicit Suggestions to Improve Curriculums
Five of Six Student Proposals Rejected by the Senate

Student Forums on Curriculum Reform Successfully Held

On Tuesday, March 20, Wednesday, March 21 and Thursday, March 22, seven Student Forums were held with the aim soliciting suggestions for reforms to the department curriculums.

Dozens of students from nine out of ten departments at International Burch University participated in the Forums and proposed many ideas to improve their respective departments’ curriculums, both for themselves and future generations.

These suggestions will be processed by the Student Parliament’s Committee for Education in a timely manner and forwarded to student representatives in the bodies of the University and the organizational units thereof to be proposed for discussion and voting in those bodies.

“Firstly, we will review the merits of each suggestions. We will also consider the feasibility of each suggestion and whether it falls into the Student Parliament’s overarching theme of increasing the student standard without leaving any student, current or prospective, behind. Then, we will draft and adopt an elaboration, or rationale, for each change in accordance with the suggestions from the Forums. Lastly, we will forward those suggestions to the student representative in the faculty councils so they can bring up those proposals for discussion and voting. The goal, of course, is to get these changed adopted at the faculty councils,” Nejla Babić, the president of the Committee for Education, said.

Students’ contribution are highly respected and we would like to thank all students who participated for taking time out of their busy schedules to do so.

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