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Statement on the Introduction of Fees for Make-up Midterms

The Student Parliament of International Burch University wishes to inform all students of the fact that the Board of Trustees of the University adopted a decision introducing the payment of fees in the amount of 50KM and 100KM for repeating the midterm exams in the second and third make-up periods, which the three Faculty Councils confirmed in the decisions regulating make-up midterm exams.

The Student Parliament strongly disagrees with the decision to introduce additional fees and is of the opinion that the amount of the fee has the effect of limiting the legally defined and guaranteed right of students to repeat the midterm exams.

Since the Student Parliament has no representatives in the Board of Trustees, we found out about this change only after agendas for the faculty councils were delivered to the student representatives. Student representatives either voted against or were abstained in regards to these proposals; however, these proposals were nonetheless adopted.

In the days following the midterm exams (Wednesday, April 25 and Thursday, April 26), the Student Parliament will be conducting a petition among the student body against said decisions, which will be sent to all bodies of the University. The intent is to express general student opinion against this decision, both in spirit and in letter.

It is also important to note that students who wish to cancel their midterm exams must do so in ten days of the day when grades are published, which is nominally five work days from the day of the exam.

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