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Introduction of Fees for Midterm Make-Ups to be Withdrawn

Following widespread student discontent, manifested by active opposition from the Student Parliament of International Burch University, towards the announced introduction of fees for the second and third midterm exam make-ups, the decision to introduce those fees was decided to be withdrawn.

The intention to withdraw the decision at, most likely, the next session of the Board of Trustees in May was confirmed by two members of the Board of Trustees  and members of the University management to representatives of the Student Parliament. It is important to note that this information is unofficial and informal, but comes from very reliable sources.

Students will be informed further when additional information becomes available.

“This decision is a welcome one and one which demonstrates the responsiveness of the University management and other decision makers to student opinion,” Amer Kurtović, the president of the Student Parliament, said. He added that although this episode is likely to end well for students and he is assured that future episodes will end similarly, should they occur, the process by which the decision was made is nonetheless faulty.

The need for a student representative in the Board of Trustees is evident and even more so in the light of this event. Student representatives and the Student Parliament in general will continue advocating for the addition of a student representative in the Board of Trustees.

As a reminder, the Board of Trustees adopted and the Faculty Councils tacitly approved a decision introducing the mandatory payment of fees for re-taking the midterm exams at the second and third make-up periods in the amount of 50KM and 100KM per exam. After finding out about this decision through the student representatives in the Faculty Councils, the Student Parliament appealed to the Board of Trustees and the University management to redress the issue at hand and began preparations for a petition to overturn the decision.

The issue, however, was solved in the best interest of the student body in a timely manner. As such, we congratulate all those who partook in this effort.

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