Election Debates to be Held on Tuesday, April 24 in the Motif Room
Invitation to the 6th Regular Session of the Assembly

Certificate and Plaque Awarded to the Student Parliament

At the opening session of the Student Symposium – 2018, which was jointly organized by the Faculty of Education and Humanities, the British Council and the Student Parliament, the Student Parliament was awarded a certificate of appreciation and a plaque for its contribution to the organization of the Symposium.

The Student Symposium was held, after months of preparation and hard work by all involved, yesterday, on Monday, April 23 at International Burch University with nearly one hundred participants, volunteers and audience members taking part in the event.

“It was our honor to be invited to participate in the organization of the Student Symposium several months back and it is our honor today to be awarded this certificate and plaque today,” Amer Kurtović, the president of the Student Parliament and who received the certificate and plaque on behalf of the Student Parliament, said.

The Student Parliament looks forward to organizing the Student Symposium next year, with even more participants from both our University and other universities across the country and abroad.

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