Sixth Regular Session of the SPIBU Assembly Held
Invitation to the Acknowledgements Ceremony

UniCredit Bank to present its Student Modula Packet

In accordance with an agreement between UniCredit Bank and the Student Parliament of International Burch University, representatives of UniCredit Bank will organize a promotion of the Student Module Packet on Monday, May 15 at International Burch University when students will be able to open a bank account.

At a presentation of UniCredit Bank’s Student Modula Packet at a previous meeting, officials of the Student Parliament evaluated the Packet as the best and optimal one for students.

Opening a bank account is simplified in several ways, while the fee for maintain a checking account with many additional services (ex. debit card and mobile banking) is eliminated.

A checking account, a Debit MasterCard and mobile banking are integral parts of the basic Student Modula Packet. Students with an account can also withdraw money from over 16,000 ATMs of the UniCredit Group all over Europe, which is not charged.

In order to open a checking account and activate the Student Module Packet, a student needs to have a copy of her/his ID, a copy or original of residence certificate and proof that s/he is a student (i.e. a copy of the index, a print out of the e-index, a document from the University, etc.)

In addition, every 25th student which opens an account on May 15th while the mobile teams of UniCredit Bank are visiting will get 50 KM on her/his newly opened account.

For all additional information, you may contact us by mail ( or representatives of UniCredit Bank at a presentation of the Student Module Packet soon.

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