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Open Letter

Apply for Committees and the Secretariat!

Student Parliament of the International Burch University is looking for new members of the five Committees, as well as volunteers at the Secretariat. The call for members is public and open for every IBU student.

There are five standing committees of the Assembly of the Student Parliament which were founded by the Statute: Education and Curriculum, External Relations and Cooperation, Student Life and University Campus, Student Relations, Securing the Implementation of the Law on Higher Education Institutions KS. Each of these committees is headed by a member of the Assembly, but has members from the entire student body. They deal with policy matters that are too specific or too numerous for the Assembly to consider and oftentimes have more members than the Assembly. The committee presidents, however, report to the Assembly on the committees’ work so the Assembly remains informed and seized of the matters dealt with by the committees.

You can apply for any of the five Committees via this link

The Secretariat deals with administrative and technical work for the Student Parliament. The Secretary of the Student Parliament manages and coordinates the Secretariat, and names the chiefs of offices within the Secretariat. There are four offices and positions available:

  • Office for administration and archiving – 1 archivist, 1 lector, 1 translator
  • Office for finances and accounting – 1 financial manager, 1 accounting manager
  • Office for communication and public relations – 1 manager for social media, 1 marketing manager, 1 PR manager in relations with the public, 1 PR manager in relations with the students
  • Office for protocol and ceremony – 1 event manager, 1 protocol manager

In order to apply for volunteering positions at the Secretariat, send a letter of interest (max. 250 words) and your CV to [email protected] . Official call can be found here

All applications are open until Monday, June 4th, at 17:00

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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