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Open Letter

Dear students,

right now, the Student Parliament is going through a crisis. Most of you already know that there was a petition being signed for the removal of several members of the Student Parliament. It has come to our attention that those who started the petition more often than not used false information when it came to signing the petitions, going so far that some of the signatures had been falsified. This is something that is illegal and could result in severe disciplinary measures.

However, we are kindly asking everyone affected to step in and make a statement regarding this issue. The University has formed an emergency committee that is going to investigate this matter more thoroughly, since not only is the integrity of the Student Parliament at stake, but also the integrity of the International Burch University. The committee is going to be in a constant session, taking official statements from everyone who wishes to do so, until the next session of the Student Parliament Assembly at 17:00.

If you see any inconsistencies, or if you were approached with false information, you can contact our Dean of Students, Admir Salihagić, and go to his office directly, or e-mail him at [email protected] to make an appointment to give a statement for the good of Burch community, for the good of all of us. You can find the petitions on this link

If you step forward and admit to falsifying signatures, you will not face a severe disciplinary measure. We hope that you will think this matter through and help with resolving the problems that appeared as a result of the petitions.

Once again, I would like to mention that the next session of the Assembly will be held on Monday at 17:00 in Motif room on the first floor. Everybody is welcome to attend and contribute.



Una Sedić

President of the Student Parliament

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