The Student Parliament of International Burch University (SPIBU) is the sole democratic and legitimate student organization at International Burch University which deals with issues that are relevant for students and represents students vis-à-vis all third parties. All students of International Burch University, regardless of other factors, are members of the Student Parliament and enjoy the full protection thereof in all matters falling under its jurisdiction.

The Student Parliament’s goals include:

  • advancing student rights and interests,
  • increasing the student standard at the University,
  • encouraging the highest standards of education and student scientific-research work,
  • promoting a democratic and civil society in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and
  • stimulating the cultural, economic, scientific and social life of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Student Parliament’s responsibilities include:

  • adopting a plan and program of work;
  • appointing representatives to the Student Union of Canton Sarajevo;
  • delegating student representatives to the Board of Trustees, the Senate, and other University bodies;
  • delegating student representatives to bodies, institutions, and organizations whose founder is the University;
  • encouraging and coordinating extracurricular student activities;
  • looking after and otherwise tending to student rights and interests, the quality of the educational process, the student standard, the realization of student rights and other matters of importance for students;
  • organizing and participating in the organization and financing of domestic and international projects whose goals are related to the goals of the Student Parliament;
  • suggesting a financial plan for student activities to the responsible organs of the University; and
  • conducting other work that is of interest for the students of the University, in accordance with the Law, the University Statute, and the Student Parliament Statute.

The Student Parliament was founded in the 2017/18 academic year, but has yet to be formally registered with the authorities; however, the process is active and the formal ending of the process is expected soon.