Club Description

Burch Diplomacy Club is an extracurricular student organization at International Burch University that regularly organizes various types of operations, including lectures, mock sessions, panel discussions, seminars, and workshops, in order to contribute to the development and general education of its members and other students as informal and future formal diplomats of Bosnia and Herzegovina abroad.

The Club’s vision is an exemplary and professional foreign affairs ministry and other related agencies and departments made of up apolitical, career, and well educated foreign policy experts that the country can pride itself on.

The Club’s mission is to educate, equip, and otherwise prepare members to be capable, knowledgeable, and skillful diplomats and other public servants with a sense of duty and responsibility towards country and to instill the values of good citizenship, including global and local awareness, into the next generation of leaders.

Contact & Join

You can contact Burch Diplomacy Club via e-mail ([email protected]) or on Facebook.

Membership is open to all students, who may become members by filling out this form.

Club Leadership

President: Isa Dukmenić

Vice President: Hata Kujraković

Secretary General: Tajra Hadžić

Secretary for Academic Affairs: Haris Kalač

Secretary for External Relations: Bakir Dizdarević

Secretary for Financial Affairs: Ajna Huzejrović

Secretary for General Affairs: Melisa H. Mehmedović

Secretary for Policy Matters: Ajla Keško

Secretary for Projects and Other Operations: Dženita Čizmić

Secretary for Public Relations and Affairs: Mersiha Jaskić

Club Activities, Events & Projects