2019 Elections for the Student Parliament Assembly

About Student Parliament Elections

Elections for the Assembly of the Student Parliament of International Burch University take place each year between April 15 and April 30, in accordance with the Law on Student Organizing on the Territory of Canton Sarajevo, the Statute of the Student Parliament and the Decision on the Electoral Process of the Student Parliament.

In the 2019 elections for the Student Parliament Assembly, over 1,000 students will have the right to vote and will elect six representatives to the Assembly. The composition of the Assembly shall be:

  • Faculty of Education and Humanities: 1 member
  • Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences: 2 members
  • Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences: 3 members

Those students with the most (valid) votes will be elected to the Student Parliament Assembly.

Interference by the University, either directly or otherwise, in the electoral process is strictly forbidden.

Course of the Election Cycle

The election cycle can be divided into three phases, each of which consists of several parts (look to the right for a timeline of events related to the election): the election campaign, voting and the post-election period.

The first phase – the election campaign – consists of students submitting their candidacies and conducting their campaigns in order to attract as many voters as possible, including a debate with each other at the official candidate debates.

The second phase – voting – consists of electoral silence when candidates or their proxies, official or otherwise, refrain from campaigning for votes and the actual voting period, which lasts two days at each faculty.

The third phase – the post-election period – consists of the announcement of preliminary results, a period for lodging complaints on the electoral process and electoral results, a period for resolving said complaints, and the announcement of final results.

For a more detailed timeline of electoral activities, see the image to the right.

Students and Elections

All students who have acquired at least 60 ECTS points in the previous two years, regardless of other factors, may submit their candidacy to the Electoral Commission by May 15 at 5:00 p.m.

Students who wish to do must fill out this form by Wednesday, May 15 at 5:00 p.m. at the latest.

In addition, any student who noticed or suspected an electoral irregularity may report it to the Electoral Commission via e-mail.