President & Vice President


The President is elected by the Assembly and the Vice President is nominated by the President and confirmed by the Assembly. Both have to be members of the Assembly.

THE PRESIDENT: Amila Dautbašić


The President, assisted by the Vice President, has many responsibilities, including:

  • carrying out negotiations regarding agreements between the Student Parliament and other parties;

  • conducting other duties as stipulated by general acts of the University, this Statute and general acts of the Student Parliament;

  • consenting to the appointments of the secretary of the Student Parliament to positions in the Secretariat, in accordance with the Act of the internal organization of the Secretariat;

  • coordinating the activities of student representatives and representatives of students;

  • coordinating the work of the Student Parliament;

  • encouraging and coordinates extracurricular student activities;

  • establishing and maintains friendly relations with other student organizations, non-governmental organizations and other organizations;

  • managing the work of the Executive Board;

  • nominating candidates for vice president of the Student Parliament and secretary of the Student Parliament, as well as committee presidents;

  • nominating representatives of the Student Parliament to the Student Union of Canton Sarajevo and other state and international student organizations;

  • nominating student representatives to the Board of Trustees, Senate and other University bodies;

  • nominating student representatives to organizations, institutions and bodies whose founder is the University;

  • representing student interests and the student standard; and

  • representing the Student Parliament.