The Secretariat of the Student Parliament, headed by the secretary of the Student Parliament, Armin Tufo, carries out administrative and technical work that allows the Student Parliament to function properly. It is a professional body that provides support to the Student Parliament and other student organizations at International Burch University in order to enable them to carry out their work to the best of their ability.


Students work in the Secretariat on a voluntary basis, but their work counts for the necessary University service students with scholarships are required to conduct. The Secretariat’s officers are highly professional and responsible.

The Secretariat has five offices:

  • Office for Administration and Archives, which conducts administrative tasks and maintains a public archive, both digital and physical;

  • Office for Communications and Public Relations, which communicates to the student body of International Burch University and the wider public what the Student Parliament does and communicates with the student body and the wider public;

  • Office for Drafting and Translating, which writes official documents of the Student Parliaments and translates them into Bosnian and/or English;

  • Office for Finances and Accounting, which deals with financial matters and monitors the use of official Student Parliament funds;

  • Office for Protocol and Ceremonial, which organized official visits of and to the Student Parliament.